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Ron has served as the Scott County Attorney since being elected in 2014.  Ron began working in Scott County in 1995 as a prosecutor and a few years later was named Head of the Criminal Division and was later named Chief Deputy, a position he held for 12 years prior to being elected County Attorney.  Ron has contributed directly to the great success of the office, from prosecuting the first “Craigslist Killer” in the United States, to implementing the successful management practices, such as vertical prosecution and juvenile accountability programs, which allow the office to serve Scott County so effectively.  Ron is also a key figure in the implementation of the Counties Treatment (drug) Court and Veteran's Court. Both programs focus on ensuring offenders becoming productive members of society.  Ron also made his office paperless. Which not only cut down on costs to the County but allow his staff to become more efficient, mobile, and productive in carrying out their job. 

Ron is a retired Navy Veteran. Ron’s active-duty military service began when he was accepted into the Naval Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) while in law school. Upon graduation, Ron went on active duty as a JAG officer in Norfolk, Virginia. Ron first served as a JAG defense attorney, where he was selected to the trial team for his exceptional litigation skills – Ron even represented some of the Navy pilots accused as a result of the Tailhook scandal. Later, as a JAG prosecutor, Ron represented the Navy in court-martial cases that included aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, drug related offenses and larcenies. Ron was the prosecutor of choice for complex property crime and fraud cases, which require extensive trial work.

Ron was born and raised on the Iron Range in Gilbert and Eveleth. Ron and his three sisters were raised by their parents who exemplified strong family values including service, commitment, hard work, and generosity.  Ron graduated from Eveleth High School, earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakota, and earned his law degree from the University of North Dakota School of Law. 

Today, Ron and his wife Marci are raising two beautiful children – 16-year-old Bella and 13-year-old Dominic. When he’s not playing with his children or driving Dominic to various activities and trying to keep track of Bella as she is now driving herself.  Ron is and has been a youth soccer, hockey, and baseball coach. Ron also enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing hockey and an active member of the Prior Lake Rotary.